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Working on MPA Certification during MCO


How is everyone doing?

It is truly a tough time for many people globally, from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, social status, and background. Let us work together as One, stay home, abide by the rules of your country, and ride through the pandemic Covid-19.

Some of you may feel bored, mentally taxed during this period.

Fret not, there are many things we can do while we are locked indoors. You just have to be creative about it!

As a photographer myself, all shooting activities have to be inevitably stopped.

I am a strong believer of effectively utilizing our time to make the most out of it.

I am taking this time as an opportunity to sit down, look back, learn, improve, and upgrade my skills. There are tons of resources on the net, catering to all range of photographers, from beginners to advanced level photographers. So, there simply isn't any excuse not to improve yourself at this period.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a several things, and one of them is to get my website online. Which I did, and that's where you are looking at right now.

I am also actively working with the MPA UK side to get Certified as Professional with the association. MPA, abbreviated for Master Photographers Association, is the world's oldest, and most established photographers' association. Check them out at here.

Took me a few weeks to prepare the necessary documents and photos, and finally submitted my application. Hope to hear great news from them soon, and then I can start to apply for Licentiate MPA qualification!

So, let me know what have you guys been working on.

Michael Boon

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