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Submission for LMPA Qualification

Happy Monday,

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on MPA certification, concurrently with Licentiate MPA qualification. This requires a lot of planning, writing, and preparation as the chairman and approving body of MPA will have to look into your professional profile. The working profile typically comprises of a comprehensive CV, history, insurance coverage, workflow, safety SOP, risk assessment, future planning, clients' experience, and passion in the photography business.

MPA has one of the strictest approval processes in any photographic association. This is to ensure only the highest compliance and top notch photographers are being qualified.

It's honor to be Certified as Professional (first step) as per the Press Release on my previous blog post. Hence, 1st milestone achieved!

And today, I have just submitted for the Licentiate MPA qualification.

Attached are my Working Profile and Photo panel layout.

About the MPA:

Established in 1952, and they are one of the longest standing photography association in British history. MPA have been qualifying the best photographers over 65 years.

Wish me luck!

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