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Styles Of Wedding Photography


There are many styles of photography in the pre-wedding genre, from black and white, traditional, fashion, photojournalistic, documentary, storytelling, vintage, fine art, architectural, portrait, dramatic, and many more. We can go on and on into sub-genre, but today's post we will only discuss on the main points that are highly relevant to our practice.

Bear in mind, we can easily find all kinds of information with google and there are many articles discussing this already. As per similar to my previous posts, the main purpose of my blog is to short cut your research, save some time, and go straight to the point.

Generally, clients can expect 3 main styles of photography when it comes to selecting photographer for their pre-wedding shoot.

1. Lifestyle

2. Magazine

3. Illustrative

Experienced photographers will generally incorporate at least 2 styles, if not all 3 styles above in their works. This is to ensure stories are told through Lifestyle shoot, details of the dress and suits are captured in Magazine style, and locations and time are properly documented with landscape portrait style.

1. Lifestyle

This style of shoot will put more emphasis on the natural expression, moment, and generally impromptu actions from the couple.

The photographer usually directs the couple to imagine and act upon a story. It could be based on a real story of how the couple met each other, then the couple may be asked to re-enact what happened when they first kissed, and etc. The photographer will keep shooting to capture all the expressions, moments, and special impromptu acts that happened during that few seconds.

2. Magazine

This type of photos emphasize more on the posing, gown details, and properly directed expressions from the couples. Its like those magazine shots you see. Sometimes couples may not feel comfortable

3. Illustrative

For illustrative photography style, the photographer will put more emphasis on the location, lighting, background, time of shoot, composition, and the surrounding elements of the couples. The couple is asked to pose “candidly” in an often picturesque environment, which makes this style an interesting blend of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. This style of photo has high visual impact if done properly, giving the 'Wow' factor to your audience. Always remember to follow the rules of composition here.

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