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Studio Mini Gallery & Wall Prints

Finally put up some frames on this part of our studio wall.

On the left are my photography achievements in 2020, from competitions to qualifications.

On the right, are some of my works over the years.

Let's talk about megapixels and print size.

Managed to also print out a large photo frame at 30 x 20, and a super large photo frame at 36 x 24.

The 30x20 photo on the left was shot with the EOS R, and it was printed on Jpeg file at about 12mp after cropping, from the originally shot vertical orientation converted to horizontal orientation.

The 36x24 photo on the right was shot with the 5D Mark III, and it was printed on Jpeg file at 20mp.

As you can see, there's no pixelation or lost in print quality even at this level of magnification. So close up, I could feel the subject in the frame.

Similarly to the 36x24 print above, even zoomed very closely to the print, I am still unable to see any pixelation or deterioration in quality.

Hence, I hope this post answers some of your questions regarding what megapixel camera to buy, and what size it can print.

12mp is enough to print 20x30 inches photo with excellent quality, and 20mp is enough to print 36x24 inches photo with excellent quality.

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific review, it is my own personal experience and opinion.

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