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Most Successful People In Malaysia - BritishPedia

Today, I've just received my certificate all the way from British Publishing House, UK.

I'm honored to be nominated by someone (If you're reading this, I just want to say a big thank you, and I wish you well), and called in for an interview with the BritishPedia over my works and life journey as a photographer.

I've been formally accepted as a member of the BPH Successful People In Malaysia, as from 6th November 2020 for my photography works, charitable works, and publications over the years.

The full profile will be printed in the upcoming 3rd Edition of the Encyclopedia at the end of 2021.

Below here you can find the 2019 1st Edition, featuring some of the most impactful and successful people in Malaysia. These encyclopedias can be found in public or state libraries.

Thank you British Publishing House LTD, and have a Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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