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Cheapest way to disinfect your camera gears.

DIY disinfection and destroying fungus you can do at home.

If you are living in a hot and humid country like I do, your gears are prone to fungal growth. It costs a few hundred dollars to have them cleaned inside out. I have been storing my equioment in a proper dry box and sun bathing them once a year to keep all of them clean from fungus.

Since you're probably on a lock down, and it's summer time, why not bring your equipment out for a 5 minutes sun bath?

This is the most cost effective way to disinfect and kill fungus, other than buying a UV light, or scanning your equipment through airport security scan. Remember to remove UV filters, otherwise UV light cannot penetrate through and do its job.

My 70200 has been with me for a decade, and it's still 100% clean from dust and fungus.

Don't forget to store your equipment properly in a dry box around 45% humidity at all times.

Take care and enjoy your summer!

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