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Canon RF85mm F2.0 Macro IS STM

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Just received my new RF85mm lens today, replacing my old EF85mm f1.8, which have been my go-to lens for almost all my studio works.

First impressions:

Build quality - Feels plasticky, and inferior to the original EF version

Country made - Made in Malaysia (RF) vs Made in Japan (EF)

Lens hood - Both original and 3rd party hoods are not available yet

Focusing speed - Slightly more sluggish compared to the EF version, and noticeably noisier due to STM motor vs USM motor of the EF version

Weight and Size - Bulkier and heavier than the EF version

IS - With IBIS in R6, both RF and EF appeared to perform similarly based on my first impression, I have yet to try this lens out extensively

Close up - Love the macro capability of this lens, it focuses much closer at 35cm from the subject


Managed to shoot with this lens over the weekend, and all I can say is that it's a joy to shoot with. When paired with the EOS R6, it produces sharp image with high resolving power.

Behind-The-Scene setup.

Apart from that, I've tried shooting some macro photos around the house.

The above image of the Canon lens cap was shot at an astounding 1/6 shutter speed. All I can say is, the R6 IBIS + IS from the lens are super impressive! Unless you have God-like steady hands, it is close to impossible to get sharp photos with a telephoto 85mm focal length at such low shutter speed.

After our studio works, we headed out for a stroll. Managed to capture some street shots at high ISO settings (6400++). You can also see how this lens renders OOF (bokeh) qualities.


Despite the 'not so good' initial impression on its build quality and extending barrel, the lens produces really high quality images.

The IS function is superb, and the close focusing macro comes in handy in certain situations. Overall, this will definitely be a workhorse lens in my workflow. The only drawback at the moment is that 3rd party lens hood is not available in the market yet.


Found a temporary solution to protect the lens, and to reduce lens flare.

Since Canon ET-77 lens hood is not available yet, and it would cost $50 each, and waiting for the 3rd party hood would take ages. I tried using EW-77B and it fits perfectly.

Update 2:

Received my 3rd party lens hood, which costs a fraction of the original Canon ET-77 lens hood. Works perfectly, and fits snugly.

More Photos:

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