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Canon EOS R6 + EF50mm f/1.2 Review

Here's my quick review on the Canon EOS R6 paired with EF50mm f/1.2.

The Canon EF50mm f/1.2 is notoriously known for 2 things: It's legendary bokeh, and its less desirable resolving power. But surprisingly, when shooting with the R6, my photos appeared to be much sharper than it was shot on the 5D Mark III. I have no answer for that.

There are 4 reasons why I love this lens: It's small, shoots at f/1.2, reasonably sharp, and the 50mm focal length is closest to that of the human eye.

Size & Weight

It's no secret that I love all things small and compact. I disliked lugging around huge lenses and DSLRs, that's why I have not been actively shooting with the EF70200 2.8 for awhile, unless necessary. The size of the EF50mm f/1.2 is compact, and the weight is manageable, even with the adapter on when shooting with mirrorless R system.

Bokeh at f/1.2

This department needs no explanation. The sample images are not all shot at f/1.2 though. So, let me know which ones are shot at f/1.2 in the comment box below. Let's see if you can detect large aperture shots. One tip to maximize your bokeh quality is to avoid shooting with electronic shutter if you're using this lens with the R system.

Reasonably Sharp

This, again needs no explanation. The lens itself is reasonably sharp at f/1.2. You can lower down the aperture to f/1.8 or so to get even sharper images. But, you lose that 1.2 bokeh goodness though.

50mm is the closest focal length to the eye

Well, this is no secret too. Just google it up and you will find tons of articles saying 50mm is the definitive focal length equivalent to the human eye. It's perfect to capture someone on an intimate level. That's why wedding photographers love this focal length.

Last but not least, I'll throw in one more reason, this lens shoots superbly well in low light situation. Thanks to it's large aperture, you can shoot at much lower ISO. Pair with modern mirrorless, your images will be buttery smooth.

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